If A Story Can Change the World, Imagine Your Brand

Date: June 12, 2017

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The Patty Jenkins directed movie “Wonder Woman” featuring Gal Godot is an excellent example of how a story not only has an impact on an audience but can extend further to those who haven’t even seen it. Here’s a cute example that should inspire you:


Wonder Woman’s story has been told countless times from the 40’s to present day. We know she is a super heroine with super powers and we know what to expect. But when her story is told in a masterful way, as in the 2017 movie under the same title, she transcends expectations. We are left inspired and changed, quite possibly forever. This is what your brand advertising should aspire to.

No, you don’t have two and half hours to tell your story or millions of dollars to spend on a brilliant cast and special effects. But you do have a free asset at your disposal. The ability to tell your story. It’s not easy to be compelling but it has been done successfully on numerous occasion, both unwittingly and by design.

Crafting your story is an art. It requires inspiration, creativity and time. But there should be no doubt that telling your story should be your priority moving forward if you haven’t already done it.

You are not limited by creativity, audience, media or budget. It is all within reach. The only limitations are lack of imagination, lack of effort, lack of commitment and all too often, indecision. Be a brand storyteller and compel your audience to engage with you.