Medium Transfer

Medium Transfer

Date: April 23, 2017

Categories: Best Practices

Just like there are different types of content; fiction/non-fiction stories, superhero stories, and episodic stories there are also different mediums to experience them on. Books, graphic novels, audio, radio, and television.

Your audience experiences content on mediums that, in the past changed at a relatively slower pace.  The speed of new medium development and transformation is happening at such a rapid pace that keeping up with these changes forces us to keep our ears close to the ground and remain ever-vigilant.

However, one aspect hasn’t changed and likely never will.  The power of creative storytelling.  With every new new medium we have seen begin anew, grow and become mainstream, the nature of creativity has always overcome the complexity of the new technology.  Good stories have always shone through regardless of platform or medium.

The everlasting story about the princess, the international spy, the superhero or the inventor who changed the world has been told through books, audio, movies, television episode, software game and theme park experiences and has always maintained its magic regardless of medium because the story is just as captivating in any medium as the moment it was created.

Conversely, any poorly crafted story has the equivalent capacity to fail with a new medium or platform regardless of the special effects, novelty or polish it may have.

Why is all of this important?  Because being successful with your advertising campaign depends on the story.

When an advertising campaign fails on a platform, some will blame the platform which in effect is blaming the medium.  However, there are many proven success stories documented on the same platform that is being blamed.  So the blame holds little weight, barring extenuating circumstances.

A creative campaign that weaves in a compelling story will in most cases shine through and provide an effective advertising or brand campaign.

Understanding the fundamentals of story telling will help you succeed in any medium, on any platform.  Tell your compelling story in a way that resonates with the audience you are targeting and you will succeed regardless of platform or medium.