Tools Not the Problem

Tools Are Not The Problem

Date: May 7, 2017

Categories: Best Practices

What I’ve been hearing from business owners using Facebook business pages is that it’s not achieving the desired results. I hear many say it’s not helping their business. There are two likely reasons for this; either the campaign hasn’t been developed properly or the business doesn’t fit the ad model. There are very few businesses that can’t benefit from Facebook. So most of the time it can be attributed to a poorly developed campaign. Building a Facebook business campaign to produce positive results is not easy.

If I gave someone all the tools and material they needed to build a house, very few people would be able to do it by themselves. (I do know somebody who can do it) Not only would they require knowledge about how to use the tools, but also considerable knowledge about structure, design, engineering and building code. To be efficient, they would need to be certain to get their cuts right the first time so as not to waste material. I’ve seen first-hand, the skill, knowledge and labour required to build a house alone, and it is daunting. In the end, if it’s not completed, or not built right, nobody blames the tools.

And yet, that is exactly what some businesses are doing; blaming the tools, blaming the platform. What they should be looking at is the skill set of the marketer. The single most important question: Is my marketing manager not only adept at using the tools but a highly skilled marketing expert?

The solution is simple. Hire a talented marketer who knows how to use the tools to market your brand and bring value to your campaign with the ability to decipher the insight data correctly to optimize. Before they even begin, they should be spending days at a time sitting with you and asking you everything about your business. This is nothing new, it just seems to get overlooked at times.

You wouldn’t hire a hardware store professional to build your house, so don’t hire a tech savvy intern to market your brand. Technology and marketing skills are independent of each other.

Yes, Facebook has powerful tools to reach your audience, but it takes a seasoned professional who understands creative, copy, branding, and story to put those tools to good use and produce positive results.