• Social Media Advertising

    After consulting with you to understand your business, we build your social media campaign and bring your story to life.  We work on it until we see positive ROI and then we maintain it for you to ensure its continuing success.

  • Video Story Telling

    After extensive consultation to understand your business, we storyboard your production to create compelling video content with original music to engage your audience. This will spark interest your brand and open opportunity for your audience to learn more about you.

Campaign Management, Video and Branding

We specialize in three services. Our strength revolves around original video & music to tell your story, Social Media and Adwords campaign management to increase your revenues, and branding to imprint you with your customer. These components are combined and used with the most powerful marketing platforms in the world with spectacular results.

You're probably aware that access to your market through social media is unprecedented, now more than throughout at any time in history.  So engaging that audience is a worthwhile endeavor that can benefit your business.

But let's be clear.  It takes an extensive amount of time, dedication, patience, trial and error, funds, and a good depth of knowledge to implement a successful social media campaign.  Think of it like cooking a 10 course meal you've never attempted before, using new spices you've never seen.  Throughout our experience, we have learned two inescapable rules: Managing successful Facebook ad campaigns requires the use of best practices and there is no quick, sure fire way to ensure success.

Having this knowledge arms one with the skill to use the tools more effectively and teaches one what to look for to optimize for success.  Once you have versed yourself in the use of the tools, they will uncover through experimentation, which strategies you feel are key to having an effective campaign.  You will likely adhere to your favorite handful out of the multitude of excellent strategies that could also work for you.  Unless you decide to settle, it will take a few months to uncover the combination of steps that work best. You will want to experiment with many combinations and draw analytics from each of them to compare.  Once this is done, the campaign has to be continually optimized so that it does not become stale and experience ad fatigue.

We encourage you to embark on that journey yourself and take the time to learn your marketing channel.  Alternatively, you can trust us to manage your Facebook campaign for you.  We will still have to run through the same steps you would, but we will ultimately be much better able to optimize because we have more experience and have experimented with more campaigns than you will have.  We also have the advantage of great creative talent to produce compelling video pieces.  We can tell your story in a way that will resonate with your audience because it is our core business.